My driver’s license reads Krista Jane Smith, but everyone I love calls me

So you can call me that, too.

I can tell from all the way over here that we’re going to be friends.

I spend my days inspiring, kicking butt and (gently) pushing people into lives of passion and purpose. I’m highly intuitive and I’ve got a sneaky little way of highlighting your limiting beliefs and shifting them. I’ve helped people quit their jobs, launch their own companies, release old pain, say goodbye to anxiety and live lives they love. And I love every.single.second of it.


How does my magic manifest? I co-founded ‘The Power of You’ fundraisers and I run my own global retreats: ‘Boom Boom Pow’ and ‘Passion + Power + Purpose’. ‘ I also offer one-on-one, change-your-life power hours called ‘Soul Sessions.’ These are 60 minutes devoted to intuition, inspiration and expanding to fill your powerful potential. They’re one of my most popular offerings!

I suspect a lot of my drive came in the form of my high school careers counselor.

But not the way you’d expect.

She said “You’ll be nothing without Mathematics and a university degree!”

I heard “This is a challenge. Run with it.”

And I thank her from the depths of my heart for lighting my fire.


Since she told me that, I’ve climbed mountains in Nepal, studied with Swamis in India, meditated in the sweat lodges of Thailand and lived abroad for 10 years.  I also choreographed, directed and danced for fashion shows, dance schools, and Olympic committees. I won a pen once for being the best salesperson in the company. Today, I’m scribbling away on my first book.


This sense of adventure and (loving) disrespect for authority is at the root of all I do.  I believe in following your passion, listening to your heart and plugging your ears to nay-sayers.


Let me help you follow your passion and make your own path.  It’ll be fantastic fun – I promise!