Cosmo style quiz.. Find out your intuitive style

Remember Cosmo surveys about getting boys to like you?

At 14 my friends and I used to loooove sitting around asking each other the questions and laughing at the answers.

I’m positive it was my Cosmo learning that landed me my gorgeous hubby.  This quiz isn’t going to land you a husband (well not directly).

I made it for you to uncover your intuitive style and to share some tips on how you can tune into it.

Which of the following statements best describes you?

a) You love movies on the big screen or interior design because you just love the look of things and when you are learning it’s easier for you to see it written than to hear the information. You are often heard saying ‘that looks good’.

b) You can identify voices easily, music is your thang and the easiest way for you to remember something is to have someone tell you rather than write it down.

c) You walk in a room and can sense the vibe if someone has just had a fight. When someone cries you feel like crying too. You may be aware of what someone else is thinking even if they haven’t told you with words. Those who love you dearly might call you hypersensitive.

d) You are a champion sentence finisher. You just know what people are going to say, ideas just pop into your head and more than likely you don’t dig small talk, you’d rather go deep and talk about something important.

A bit on intuitive styles

Just like the 5 physical sense we have the same spiritual senses, they help us tune into the unseen world.

You will be predominantly strong in one intuition sense with a secondary sense that’s not too bad either. Remember all of them can be developed.

If you answered A

You’re a looker… Not just because you are hot but visual too, that means you probably thrive when you see information rather than hear it!

For you it’s way easier to understand the world when you are seeing it rather than hearing or feeling it.

Your strongest intuitive sense is Clairvoyance.

When it comes to tuning into your intuition and understanding the universes feedback you want to keep your eyes peeled for

: signs (visual ones), in windows, on number plates, in books

: lights out of the corner of your eyes

: shadows

: the visions you might see in your mind (the 3rd eye)


If you answered B

You may may think you’re a little cray cray as you could be hearing voices. Don’t panic yet.  It is possible to hear messages as if someone is whisptering into your ear but more than likely it’s inside your head you are hearing things.

Your strongest intuitive sense is Clairaudience. Pay attention to

: songs that you notice and the words in them

: the conversations in your head that feel like you are conversing

: the ideas that just ‘pop’ into your head

Disclaimer: This sense is very different to split personality disorder and schitzophrenia. If the voices in your head are telling you to do bad things you need to see a Dr.


If you answered C

You’re just like me. Sensitive, a touchy- feely type that is able to connect with people pretty quickly. Empathy is your middle name and sometimes being so sensitive to feeling can be overwhelming, you just need to pay attention and listen to it and it can become your best friend.

Your strongest intuitive style is Clairsentience. Pay attention to you

: gut feelings

: your body sensations

: the way you feel when you are asking about which way to go and what to do

If you answered D

I bet you’ve been called a know-it-all before. You just know stuff. There is no reason you should know, you just do. Ideas and creativity are pretty free flowing for you, the hardest part for you is believing that everyone knows what you know.

Your strongest intuitive style is Claircognizance. Pay attention to

: the ideas that pop into your head

: instincts about doing new projects even when logic says it’s not a good idea

: your dreams

The more you listen to your intuition the more in alignment with your highest purpose you will be.

Life will get easier, more flowing, abundant, love filled and healthy, you just have to tune in!

The universe is always sending you feedback about which way to go, what to stop and start doing. It’s always saying you’re either on the right track or this is not the more flowing way.


Next step… Listen to your intuition.

Need help hearing the difference between your higher self and ego?

This exercise will help you see the clear difference.


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