Intuition 101

What happened when you did the meditation to connect with your heart? 

Sometimes the most important learning from an exercise like the one you just did during ‘Intuition 101’ is understand that what you are getting is not clarity at all. Learning to distinguish when your head has taken over and you can’t trust the answer you are getting is just as important as getting the answer right.

Be patient with yourself and start to check in with your heart on the small stuff first. Then when it comes to the big honkey donk life changing decisions you’ll have trust in yourself to get clarity from your higher self.

In the comments below tell us about your experience. If you’ve got a great tip for getting in touch with your intuition share it with us. We are all ears!


  1. No Gravatar Amber says:

    : I know that you touched on it briefly but how can I tell the difference.
    I am in a situation that is wonderful and almost too good to be true I am waiting for it to crumble and end as all things seem to. Is that my intuation or my mind?

    • Krista Jane says:

      Sorry, now I can see it all… That sounds very much like the mind. Old conditioning and fear that is coming up to be cleared. It’s the fear that you are hearing. It’s the mind that says it’s too good to be true. Your higher self/truth would have you live that way all the time!

    • No Gravatar Amber says:

      It is basically that I wake up each day questioning and worrying about it all falling down, when it seems on the surface that there is no reason for me to doubt. So I am trying to work out if it is my female intuition about this person and what they are feeling, or if it is fear about the acceptance of something incredible.

    • Krista Jane says:

      Hi Amber,

      Just wanted to make sure you got all the answers to this question. They are below with the second post you wrote!

      Kj 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hi Krista, how do I stop doubting my intuition?

    • Krista Jane says:

      Baby steps Vanessa. You’ve got to build the trust. So start small. For instance ask yourself ‘is it in my greatest and highest good to eat ice cream today’, then act on what you get!

  3. No Gravatar Alison says:

    Hi Krista
    Thanks for the webinar. They are always great. This time all I got was a massive headache and sneezing. :-(. I wonder what I was really asking my intuition. X

    • Krista Jane says:

      Pleasure Alison, I’m so glad you were online! A headache and sneezing is often a sign of emotional release, it could actually be a really good thing. Make sure you drink some water and flush out whatever came up. Don’t be surprised if there is some emotion that follows the release. I’m so interested to know what you were asking now! XX

  4. No Gravatar Michelle says:


    I’ve suffered from anxiety over the years, not so much these days as I’m older and wiser, but it occasionally kicks in. The question here is, my 25 year old daughter suffers from it regularly and I would love to give her some tools to deal with it. I understand how to trust my heart these days, but I would love to set her up now with this knowledge but I’m not sure how to articulate it with ‘tools’.

    • Krista Jane says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Anxiety is a bi#$h, I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering. It’s so loving that you want to help her. The first thing to remember is she needs to be ready to help herself. My suggestion would be to ask her first if she’d like some help. Then offer her some resources. What did you find helpful? Ask her what she thinks would help. Great resources – Emotional Freedom Technique but I’d suggest seeing a practitioner as well as trying it solo, it’s much more effective when it’s very focussed and that’s really hard to do yourself.

      • No Gravatar Michelle says:

        Thanks Krista, she’s ready. She’s been on a journey these past 12 months (including losing 25kg). We often talk about it and I teach her what I know, and she listens, but some actual tools for herself would make all the difference I feel. I’ll suggest EFT but I definitely think she needs a practitioner. I fall off the wagon with this all the time..

      • Krista Jane says:

        Sounds like she’s making progress. I’d love to have a session with her if it speaks to her. One of my favourite things to blast is anxiety. Just ask her if she’s ready. If she gets a yes gimme a call. If she doesn’t connect with me I’d be happy to recommend some other people for her to try as well. There is always a solution. 🙂

  5. No Gravatar Alison says:

    As far as my intuition goes I have to get over the fear of following it. As you said……baby steps.

    • Krista Jane says:

      Yep it’s the fear you need to blast away… You know how to do that! Like you said, one step at a time. I promise the universe/your higherself has a grand plan for you and it’s a good one but you’ve got to choose that over the fear! xx

  6. No Gravatar celine says:

    Thanks so much Krista, loved it! It reminded me that when I first arrived in Australia 11 years ago, that’s how I used to function and for any questions I had I would check with the feeling and suspend the mind…mmm does that feel good? Yes! ok let’s go for it! or Nop…then drop it and that’s it! And yes there was a lot more ease!! I definitely want to come to the retreats so if there is a way to organise the finances, we’ll call it grace and I’ll be there! Fingers crossed! lots of love to you beautiful beautiful soul!!

    • Krista Jane says:

      Thanks for your gorgeous comment Celine. It’s still in there, just being on this call will ignite the intuitive fire again. You’re starting to bring it back as a priority. Sending you big blessings beautiful. xx

  7. No Gravatar Amber says:

    Thank you, that is what I hoped, as when I asked the question during the meditation, the mind answered negatively and it was cold and felt so high in the mind, and the heart just let the water ripple, I guess telling me to embrace, and let it be calm.

    • Krista Jane says:

      Can you see how it was the ‘mind’ that answered negatively, that cold feeling is a great example. You’ve got great clarity now. Just do the clearing work on the emotional part that’s afraid it will all end. So you can keep having it. Big blessings to you beauty. xx

      • No Gravatar Amber says:

        I looked up your you tube on EFT again to remind me and I have it on my to do list today. Thank you so much Krista, I knew that today would be challenging, busy and special when I woke up, maybe that was the intuition talking. Much love coming your way from sunny Thailand xx

      • Krista Jane says:

        I’m so stoked to hear you are still practicing EFT. Good for you! Huge love back at ya! Kj

  8. No Gravatar Liss says:

    Hi Krista,
    I missed your webinar tonight & would love to listen to it over the weekend. Are you able to post a link to it please?
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Krista Jane says:

      Hi Alissa, I’m sending you a personal email. Kj

    • Krista Jane says:

      Hi Liss,

      Jump on the mailing list so next time we can make sure you know exactly what’s on offer. Unfortunately the date for replay registration is over on this one. There will be more fun stuff though so stay tuned. Also jump over to Facebook and like Krista Jane empowering U and you’ll get a daily dose of inspiration!

  9. Kevani says:

    Hi Krista, Can your intuition and purpose change as you change your situation? Last time you were back in Canada I did an amazing workshop with you, dropped in to my heart and got a really loud and clear signal that Canada was not the place for me and the things I wanted in my future. Since then I’ve been working on building a life I love here and while it’s still a work in progress, it is at least in progress. Tonight I listened to the replay of Intuition 101 and when I asked my higher self the message was ‘just start’ and ‘here’. Looking back over the last week the universe has done everything short of throwing a brick through my window to show me how much I love living in Canada.
    Sorry – long way of asking – Can the intuition have been right both times with different answers?

    • Krista Jane says:

      Hola Kevani,

      Great question! Yes, your intuition and purpose can change. It all depends on what you’re asking the universe for. What were your inner most desires when you originally asked? Your intuition was telling you what to do in order to bring that about. As you have shifted and changed your deep feelings, your intention has also change, of course then the universe has sent different feedback via intuition to keep you in line with creating that!

      So, yes! Your intuition was correct both times!

      Keep listening, you’re doing a great job! xx

  10. No Gravatar Jen says:

    Your webinar was a gentle nudge to tune back into my intuition KJ thank you! I’ve been passionately pursuing my purpose for the last few months (thanks in part to you) until recently. Clearly my ego had taken over, I’ve completely overhauled my life recently and there is a lot of adrenaline that comes with that. I think my ego was trying to hang on to that feeling, fearing that taking the next step in this incredible journey that I’m on, wouldn’t create the same feeling. I started doing things for the wrong reasons which in return actually created anxiety and sadness. I listened to the recording last night & I can tell you, today I woke up with a bit of that adrenaline and excitement again! I already feel back on track, I’m listening closely, being patient and my intuition is telling me all kinds of exciting things. I’m already connecting with others to make those things happen for the next phase of this journey! Thank you for the reminder KJ!

    • Krista Jane says:

      Hey Jen,

      Hooray for gentle nudges! I’m so glad you’re following your heart again. That little ego can get in the way but you’ve caught it out and that’s the first step! Make some time daily to check in with your heart and you won’t end up off track again. The world needs what you’ve got, stick with it!

      Kj xo

  11. No Gravatar Lani says:

    So much of this podcast spoke to me Krista. Thanks. I am on the path to my greater purpose slowly slowly but constantly feel challenged by my own self-doubt and pressures from society about what I ‘should’ be doing. I know now I have to trust my gut and have confidence to stand by it, rather than let those thoughts – my own or others – push me around. I’m doing it inch by inch, but I think it’s time to shake the shackles off for good and be confident in my path.

    • Krista Jane says:

      Yay Lani,

      Stoked you loved it! Doubt is a sneaky little sucker and can slow you down if you don’t nab it! Drop the ‘should’s’, they were someone elses conditioned belief before yours. Make decisions for yourself and do what’s right of your heart and I promise everyone will benefit!

      Remember Mt Everest was climbed one inch at a time too!

      Keep truckin sista. You’re doing a great job! Kj x

  12. No Gravatar Justine says:

    Hi Krista,
    Is it possible to be sent a link to your webinar?
    It sounds fantastic!! Thank you 🙂

    • Krista Jane says:

      Hi Justine,

      Jump on the mailing list so next time we can make sure you know exactly what’s on offer. Unfortunately the date for replay registration is over on this one. There will be more fun stuff though so stay tuned. Also jump over to Facebook and like Krista Jane empowering U and you’ll get a daily dose of inspiration!

      Kj 🙂

  13. No Gravatar Sarah says:

    Hi Krista,

    I just listened to the recording of your webinar tonight, thank you for this wonderful gift!
    I used to be much more in touch with my intuition when I was younger and I just came to realise how out of touch I currently am over the kast couple months- the timing of this was perfect for me.
    You mentioned working in that “little new age shop” with lots of books- do you have any favourites you’d recommend? I absolutely love to read and am in need if a good book right now.

    Have fun on your retreat!


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