A letter from my soul to yours

Dear Soul Friend,

This is a love letter from me to you. I wrote it because I heard your call in my dream.

I heard you say:

“I’ve lost my sparkle.”

You said, “I am stuck, and I don’t know what to do now.”

You are not alone.

It’s going to be ok. You are so very, very loved.

In the eyes of the universe you have never made a mistake; never been not loved. “Not good enough” does not exist.

Except in your head.

Your head is cloudy, your heart is heavy, and you don’t know what decision to make.

I know how you feel, I’ve been there before.

Let me help you.

From my heart to yours, right now I am sending you endless energy, love, lightness and clarity.

Right now just let me love you, because you forgot. Open up to the support and unconditional love that the universe abundantly offers your way.

Allow me remind you that:

You are unique

You have a gift to offer the world

Even if you do nothing with this gift, you are still lovable.

It is in there, you are on the planet at this time for a reason. It’s not a degree, certificate or major accomplishment, it’s just you!

It’s your energy, the way you see the world, and the generosity you have to share.

You have something the world needs. For now, come back to your self, and be gentle dear friend.

Fall deep into your heart, surrender to the universal plan, and ask for a sign. 

There is no wrong way, just learning.

It is OK to be sad, loaded with guilt, overwhelmed by grief or anger.

On the other side of this pain is your freedom, your perfect expression.

I hear your call.

I send you love.

Your heart knows the next step, listen to it and act now.

The sparkle in me sees the sparkle in you.

All my love.

Your soul friend,


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