There simply isn’t enough space on this page to surmise the true nature and the extent I changed  by meeting and working with Krista Jane (I expect she’ll blush at this). Immobilised by anxiety, both physically and mentally, having recently started a new business, left a messy relationship and more or less turned my entire life upside-down I grew to find life absolutely terrifying; from work to relationships, finances to socializing.

KJ has gently helped me discover my own strength, resilience and voice. KJ’s completely non-judgmental, warm, and endlessly positive approach makes me look forward to each session from the moment I book in.
-Alexandra Donohoe

Krista Jane is an amazing business coach! Every time I have a session with her I leave inspired, excited and leave with a clear plan for exactly what I need to do next. Working with her over a 3 month period helped me to generate over $20,000 in additional income! Anyone who has the chance to work with her should absolutely jump at the opportunity!
-Liesel Rigsby

Krista helped me articulate, rather then just meditate, on what it is that I wanted to make a reality: offer international teacher training programs.  I knew I wanted to escalate my teaching career to a new level after having taught for so many years.  She has a gift to listen and reflect on what it is that you need to do, rather then just be ethereal about it.  I am forever grateful for her no-fuss intuitive wisdom, that can otherwise feel intimidating.
-Julia McCabe

When I first met Krista Jane I was a barely functioning mom of a toddler, a disconnected wife and new business owner trying to keep my head on straight. Her soul sessions allowed me to stay grounded, build my self-esteem as both a mother and a business woman and feel highly successful and proud of both. I love Krista from the bottom of my heart and can’t thank her enough.
-Kristina Hewlett

Clarity. Focus. Empowerment. These are the first words that come to mind when I think about the sessions I’ve done with Krista. She has helped me through many intense emotional and physical challenges in my life. After our sessions I always have greater purpose and hope for my future, and even my next day.
-Irene Fe Lyon

Focus, clarity, direction in business and understanding in my personal life, that’s where I am after seeing Kj. The best part is the defrag on my monkey brain! A truly gifted healer and helper.
-Chris Abbott

When I first met Krista, 7 years ago, she told me my future and she was spot on. This impressed me. Since then  years she taught me how to create my future. This changed my life. Krista has taught me not only how to recognize my intuition but how to trust myself. She has inspired me and motivated me to go to new places and to power through hard to handle situations. As a result I came out stronger and with greater freedom from my fears. She does this all with integrity, honesty, professionalism, fun and a little bit of butt kicking. Krista lives what teaches; this is a rarity and it makes her a true gem. I am so proud of her and what she has made her life into and all the people she has inspired to not just be helped but to help themselves.  All in all, the girl ROCKS!
-Marissa Schiesser