Winter Nourish – a day retreat for your soul



Busy, tired + constantly in go mode?1607_nourish_web_08

You need rest, decompression + soul food… 

Mamma, entrepreneur, corporate power house or caregiver…
You’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else you’ve found yourself;



  Disconnected from your truth

✓  Tight, sore, short of breath + perhaps even anxious.

I know what it is like to feel spent + still be burning the candle at both ends.

Eventually the compassion, creativity, connection + drive runs dry. 

Let me take care of YOU for the day.

I wanna hug you, cook for you, lead your body + soul back to a place it feels effortlessly like yourself.
Where you can give with an open heart, be present + share your spark that you were so born to.


This day retreat is all about:1607_nourish_web_01

✓  Rest, rejuvenation + soul connection 

  Pushing pause on life + listening what’s important to you, think clarity

✓  Soul + belly nourishing; get your energy back so you can chase your dreams (or little people) again

✓  Getting still, nurturing yourself + re-calibrating your system

✓  Loving body movement  to stimulate healing, restoration + connection.

  Meditating + breathing the mind slow again 


Think warm, cosy ME time
Surrender + Feed your SOUL  

What will we be doing all day?

Laughter, soul revival, restoration, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, relaxing, oracle cards, real conversations + delish soul nourishing home-made-with-love food. There might even be a nap, tears + a movie time.  


Pack your cosies + let me take care of YOU for the day.

Get your body, mind + soul back online.



20120129_KJ_074Krista Jane Smith

Intuitive. Truth Finder. Loving Butt Kicker. Ice Cream Lover.

You have a huge heart + a tonne to give. I believe you are unique + have a purpose. But the fear and doubt slow you down.

If support to hear your soul + step into your truth is what you need I’m the lady boss to call.

I’m all about helping smart, sassy chics who want to make a difference in the world clear their deep conscious blocks to having the life + business that fires them up.

Life, love, adventure and fire in your soul are calling.

Your time is now.

morganMorgan Webert

Unique Snowflake. Bendy Beautiful Breathing Yogi.

Hi I’m Morgan. I’m a unique snow flake (and so are you). I’ve been on my own roller coaster ride with health and trying to fit into someone else’s standards, going from one extreme to the other, pushing myself too hard then losing motivation, being too strict and trying to be perfect, then giving up…and not feeling very good from any of it!

I’ve learned that it’s not about being perfect or following some set of rules, a healthy yoga lifestyle is about deeply listening to our individual needs and knowing how to respond. It means taking responsibility for our health.

I won’t ask you to live some extreme yogi lifestyle and obsess on yoga all day long, instead I’ll show you how to apply principles from Yoga and Ayurveda (traditional medicine system of India) to your life in a way that feels natural rather than forced.



The Details

Winter Nourish Day Retreat1607_nourish_web_09


When: Sunday July 31st, 2016 9:30-5:30pm
Where: Zen Collective, Brookvale, NSW, Australia Map
Included: All activities (yoga, meditation, soul stuff), snacks + lunch
Delicious add ons: Thai massage with Ramone $89 per hour (6 spots book)
Investment: $249

(Only 12 Spots, be quick!)

This retreat is SOLD OUT. Please email for waitlist.