Soul Sessions

60 mins of you + me focussing on clearing your path


No pussy-footing around here!

If life sometimes feels like a heavy cloud you can’t seem to shift – this is for you.

 We’ll get straight to the point

  Identify your block

 Clear it

  Clarify your direction


I’ll give you tools to lighten your load and super clear step-by-step actions to take after the call.  We’ll move you towards the life you’ve always wanted – away from stuck and towards inspired.

I know you’re ready to take back control of your life – and I’ll be here to support you!


How am I different to all those ‘life coaches’ out there?

I’ve got razor sharp intuition!

It makes getting you results super FAST.

I know when you’re off track and I can help you get honestly back on course.

We can cut through all the B.S, fears and doubts and get right to the heart of your problem.

I get this feedback regularly, after just a few minutes it feels like we’ve known each other for years.

We get straight to what really needs to be changed and eliminate what REALLY stands in the way..


If you like to move at warp speed I’m your gal. If you’d rather talk about your problems for 6 months I’ve got excellent people to refer you to!


Here’s what you get:

  Inspiration, clarity, lightness

 Tools for lightening your load (that actually work!)

 Clarity about your direction

 Perfect for getting through breakups, losses, trauma, depression, anxiety, fear, lack of motivation

✓ Clear step-by-step actions

 Find your confidence, know your direction, ignite passion

Sessions are 60 minute video-to-video


Currently FULLY BOOKED for new clients (until end Jan 2019). To be a priority when the list re opens click here.


If you are in the Owners Collective please click for VIP queue jumping here.



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