Uninspired, bored + counting down to Friday at 5

Have you been staring at the clock since Sunday? Counting backwards the number of hours you have left to just do what you want? Knowing you’ve got to go back to work on Monday morning, with no inspiration for the same old, same old.

Girl, you’re right!

Time is ticking. Life isn’t getting any longer.


Have something special to share with the world.

It’s time to stop going along with what the world expects or thinks is the ‘right’ thing for you, ‘especially at your age’… and start listening to what your heart is trying to tell you.


Take a moment and ask yourself these 3 questions;

  • If you didn’t have to pay back loans or be ‘responsible’ what would you doing?
  • What does your heart TRULY desire?
  • If you knew things, without doubt, would work out for you, what would you be doing with your life?

There is no wrong answer, but there could more than one answer to each question. One comes directly from your heart – that’s your true guidance… and the other, from your head – this comes from the fear-based conditioned part of you.

Which one do you think will bring you the most joy?

Life’s short and you’re here to contribute, your life was meant to be done your way. It’s about time you got out there to share the real you, isn’t it? The world is ready and waiting for you and your gifts, it’s time!

If you’re already living with passion + purpose tell me about it in the comments below. I want to hear all about it. Maybe you have another tip for those ready to start living with purpose… pretty please share it! 




  1. Hi Krista,

    I recently slid off the Corporate ladder, from a good height & landed with a thud. Now I’m retraining as an Art Therapit & I’m happier than I’ve been in years! Some how, at some time the magic of the universe finds a way of giving you a much need tap or in my case shove in the absolutely the right direction. Fear is debilitating. Courage is key!


  2. No Gravatar brittany hahn says:

    For the longest time that I can recall I was working in an industry that I knew I “could” do but wasnt sure I wanted to do. I desperately needed to remember that attracting the right kinds of clients makes all of the difference and only I can control the bait I put on my hook and fish that I catch. Through faith and following that which brings me joy I am working with the right kinds of clients and have the time and blanace to put away a day a week towards my next step in life. I am saving all that I can to slowly increase that one day to two. The hardest part was figuring out what I wanted and utilising my current profession to my highest and best benefit while remaining grateful for it. A lot of what you share KJ has helped on my path. X

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