Weekender Retreat

Passion Power Purpose – Weekender Retreat


You know how it feels.

Uninspired. Closed off + hung up.

Worn down from a life that isn’t quite working.


But you could feel like this:

Clear. Bright. Excited.

Understand what’s held you back before and start to let it go!

Open to all the wonderful things that the universe is trying to send your way.

If you’re ready for all that, let’s talk about Passion, Power & Purpose.

We’re going to co-create a life that sets you on fire! On Friday afternoon, we’ll blaze out of the city and arrive in the mellow town of Copacabana.

We’ll have a drink, walk on the beach, and connect with our group.  We’ll eat great food, decompress, and develop strategies to release the old stuff, get clarity and refill your soul.

You’ll get clear about where to spend your time and energy to bring you more joy. You’ll have support, clear steps for action and accountability to keep you on track

Delicious details!

  •  2 nights + 3 days
  • A shared room in a Copacobana house on the beach (1hour 20 mins from Sydney)
  • 2 Dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts – all healthy and totally delicious
  •  1 yoga class
  •  Daily guided meditations
  • 4 group sessions with Krista Jane
  • Understand what really lights you up – not just your hobbies or your job – what really lights your fire
  • Identify your real, authentic self
  • Understand purpose and how to find yours
  • Develop a step-by-step action plan
  • Release blocks that stand in your way


If you’re ready to to feel on-track and that you’re doing something that will make a difference in the world – join us!

$697 shared room

(enquire for private room price)